55 Healthiest Tips

The latest modern: 55 Healthiest Tips

55 healthiest tips that everyone should do in order to have a great healthy body. But the rare question arises: What should a person do to keep his body in shape? Scientists and researchers in the course of the centuries have produced and continue to draw up rules and advice necessary for human welfare. The scent of rose strengthens memory, bananas, date palm, fresh apples, pomegranates, blueberries. Spinach, beans, grape juice, sweet potatoes, yellow cheese are foods that fight aging. A package of health care tips for your coming in today’s supplement. Also, in this issue, you will find answers to questions that you raise to the hot summer, as skin burns caused by ultraviolet rays, s that are harmful and how to protect ourselves.

1. Chocolate Benefits Of Eating Chocolate

Everyone knows how good are our chocolates. So at dinner or after tastes salty, there is nothing more to be desired than the sweetness of chocolate. We refrain from chemicals called polyphenols, which reduce the presence of free radicals, which can destroy cells and can lead to DNA damage, also protects the heart. schools Harvard and Public Health conducted a study with about 8,000 American men aged around 65 for a period of four years, and those who consume chocolates and sweets, at least, three times a month live almost a year more than those who chocolate consumed less.

2. Red wineredwine

If you want to read the newspapers, you will definitely read about the benefits that bring red wine in the human body when it is consumed in proper measure. Like chocolate, polyphenols are 1 chemicals keys, such as tannins and flavonoids are in the skin of grapes or seeds, which are powerful antioxidants. It is important that procyanidins, which helps in reducing blood pressure and reducing the level of cholesterol. Another ingredient, resveratrol, slows aging of the heart, eye muscle and preserves the ability of cataract, the benefit derived from red wine. Like chocolate, red wine should be consumed criterion should never be excessive. Several types of traditional red wine coming from the southwest of France. Sardinia and Crete appear as rich ingredients “magic”.

3. Stress

Stress roughly is considered harmful to man, but is conceived closely, to the extent that he displays no mental health problems of the physical, SIF is, for example, the stress that is created during the days when they marry, or will take a big step in your life. This type of stress can help in reshaping your immune system. Experts say that stressful situations of pushing the body to fight to win stimulus response.

4. Gelato

Although the composition of her sugar, ice cream does not have high levels of glucose, which means that the ice cream brings blood sugar gradually as you might have enjoyed it. 7s have exactly 114 grams of ice cream chlorine and 6 grams of fat while calorie containing S11.

5. White bread

The general theory was transmitted through the generations is that wholemeal flour is better for you, but, in fact, white bread flour is rich in calcium and iron, vitamin B1 and niacin. This is because the white bread is less rich in fiber, which means that most of the calcium are absorbed. You can continue to give your child soda black, but white bread has some nutritional benefit.

6. Work

No one has died from work, says a popular expression. Excluding Japan, where hundreds of people die each year. However, experts have shown that work it helps you be healthy, which not only makes you better live, but raise your level of life, but above all affirms you in society.

7. Coffee

Like red wine and chocolate, coffee contains antioxidants and tannins which help to strengthen the heart and unblock the arteries. Also, these compounds are useful for me fine, a cup a day removes the risk of liver cirrhosis at 20 percent, with 4 cups a day reduce this stake to 80 percent. Which means that this is good news for those who can not consume red wine for different reasons. These ingredients also found in coffee, can compensate positive effects that bring red wine.

8. The seeds mature

Despite the increased cost of living and comfort, broad beans and roasted seeds are still at low prices and always been considered beneficial for the heart. But they usually make you flatulent, thus blowing the stomach gasses.

9. Guinness

Irish originators of Guinness (Guinness), courage and health and promoted it using the slogan “Guinness is good for you” until they stopped this action. Research published in 2003 by the University of Wisconsin showed that it was true: I drank the dark color preferred by Irish was as effective as aspirin in preventing blood clots and other complications that may occur in the system blood circulation. So, this has all the effects of antioxidants.

10. List of newspapers

Experts after studies done are now convinced that the gazelle and magazine reading helps in reducing stress and the risk of “Karoshi”, a Japanese term used for deaths caused by overwork. This has been viewed as another positive side of newspapers, and this time as a fact beneficial to the health and welfare of the human.

During the hot season of summer, undoubtedly after regaining days of hot rays of the sun and sea, you can also be problems in your skin. LiveSciennce brings to you ten questions on skin burned by the heat of summer and the answers to the mysteries and unexpected problems that can be caused by the hot sun, the blackened skin of the body and problems with the burned face, etc.

Prevent skin cancer by using oils that contain protective factors against UVA and UVB rays. Note the product carefully and remember nose, lips, ears and feet. Use it at least 30 minutes before you leave. Repeat after two hours, in case you become with sweat or after swimming, as needed. Use hats that you do shadow head, face and neck. Protect eyes to prevent possible windows in life, using goggles 99-100% protection from UVA and UVB rays. Children under the age of one-year-old should be kept as far from the sun because their skin is very sensitive.

The risk for children of this age to dehydration or from heat stroke cases is very high. Keep children in the shade wearing light clothing that covers arms and legs. A hat with holes is necessary. Oils for the younger ones under six months are not recommended. Some other tips that can be followed are: the damaging rays are from 11-16 o’clock.

Try to stay inside in the shade during those hours. Damaged skin in less than 15 minutes from the sun and it fully observed after 12 hours. Rate does not protect you from the harmful effects of the sun. Beware of sand and water, because they reflect up to 50% of rays in your skin. Although you might be in the tent or shade you need to take further measures.

11. Caused burns the skin from the sun?

When you stay in your seat to the beach to take the desired color of chocolate, the sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate your skin and kill living cells that normally work to create a new skin, thus perpetuate that. Ultraviolet A, then UVA can penetrate more deeply into the skin, but both UVA and UVB rays can cause skin burns.

12. Why burn skin color appears as red?

To repair the damage, then burned cells from harmful rays of the sun, and to remove dead cells, blood vessels expand and blood pressure increases the circulation of parts of TripIt which is caused burning the skin. The amount of high blood concentrated in these parts of the body causes the skin to take the reddish appearance, then fried. Likewise, the skin of this part is warm and retains heat for some time.

13. Why burn causes skin burned?

Burnt cells in the brain send your message by activating nerve areas, muscles and skin receptors activated. These cause the skin to be sensitive and light touches, what create the sensation of itching. But care should be taken that excessive friction can create skin irritation on the part of the burn and can create problems that only the moon to leave the doctor’s intervention and the use of creams and certain medications.

14. What causes skin?

In response to ultraviolet rays that hit your skin, its inner layers, your body produces more pigment melanin, the dark display which makes your skin. The pigment absorbs the radiation and protects cells from damage. Some people do not take this dark color after a beach day, others do not get this color even after a beach season, as their body needs more time to produce melanin.

15. Why not darkened skin redness?

Melanin helps the body to filter out harmful ultraviolet radiation skin to skin cells. Pheomelanin, a type of melanin which creates skin rashes, then makes it take to reddish color. blondes and people with light colored skin, redhead, further endangering a skin from the sun burns. Likewise, this type of skin must be given more attention, as it may be caused burns or skin cancer.

16. Works of sun cream?

Creams effective against burns caused by the sun, protect your skin from both types of harmful ultraviolet rays A and ultraviolet B. They interact with chemicals they have in their composition ultraviolet light absorbed or reflected by them and by removing them from the skin of your body. Thus, it is necessary to use creams against burning on days when you expose sunlight.

17. Is SPF 30 twice better than SPF 15?

Not entirely. SPF show you how long before you have used before exposure to the sun also depends on your skin type. For example, SPF 2 lets you stay in the sun twice as many than you can stay in his absence without burning. An SPF 30 times stronger, and reflects 97 percent of the harmful rays of the sun, while SPF 15 reflects 93 percent of these rays.

Why risk more of burned on the beach?

Sunlight can be reflected from sand and water (snow too). So are other factors, such as ultraviolet rays are stronger in the summer season, at midday, at higher temperatures, in the equatorial areas. Cloudy days only 80 percent of the sun’s rays can penetrate between the clouds, darkness, and fog.

18. Rash damages not any, right?

Absolutist wrong. exposure to ultraviolet light can cause mutations in your cells and give rise to the appearance of skin cancer. The blisters caused by burns. During childhood and adolescence increases the risk of skin cancer in adult age because melanoma is more likely to evolve over the years. Other nasty effects are wrinkles and skin drops, coffee stains and the windows.

19. What is the best way to treat burns?

This should be made the day before you see the damage caused by skin redness harmful rays of the sun. So that before you expose yourself to the sun. So that before the sun exposed must show proper care of your skin. Take immediately aspirin? This can reduce the spread of burns from early sun. Treat first-degree burns of the second cold shower, with aloe vera and hydrocortisone creams. Consult a doctor if burns associated headaches, chills, and fever.

20. Cholesterol foods that damage

There are two ways that the human body takes cholesterol from the food we eat and the liver, although many foods are cholesterol the liver produces 80% of the cholesterol that we need. Some of the foods that should not be eaten to avoid cholesterol are Butter, Roasted meat, minced meat, offal such as liver, heart and kidney. They should also minimize dairy products that have more than 1% milkfat, also fast-foods. You can use light margarine or olive oil, replace meat with chicken or fish but have thin skin, use skim milk or milk fast MCC.

Should not eat:

The domestic animals such as liver, heart, kidney
Product milk having more than 1% fat

21. Green vegetables cure diabetes

It is proved that green vegetables are particularly vivid to all those who suffer from diabetes have to use every day, at lunch and dinner, in abundant quantities. Green vegetables contain antioxidants, vitamins, mineral salts and fiber. All vegetables contain vitamin C in different percentages, depending on the type of plant. Twenty-four hours after the separation, they lose 10-15% of vitamin C. During cooking all lose not only vitamin C but the majority of minerals. But the water in which they were boiled microminerals contains useful as potassium, magnesium, and zinc, and, therefore, can be used to cook soup. Based on the above features, green vegetables are very useful for the diabetic.

Green vegetables contain:

3 mineral salts
4-Mikrominelare such as potassium, magnesium, zinc

22. Heart of a woman makes good wine

Drinking two glasses of wine every day makes good heart than women. E helps “keep the rhythm”, it allows adapting quickly to the needs of the day. Very important aspect of this, showing very good health and reduces the risk of stroke. In these conclusions, it reached a Swedish study published in the medical journal “Heart”. The study, led by the Institute “Karolinska” in Stockholm, there were 120 women subjects under 75 years, the survivors of an infarct or venous blockage. Good effects are if the wine is replaced with beer or a drink super alcoholic. While the wine, which has a relaxing effect on the nervous system, enables the heart “to take calmly” in her work. It is possible that these effects related to the fact that he makes a summer drink with quiet sleep, allowing the body to the heart cease.

Wine helps women:

Their 1-heart with retem fittest of the day
2-reduces the risk of the occurrence
3-There is relaxing effect on the nervous system
4-Wine allows women a peaceful sleep

23. Vitamin C prevents diseases of the brain

High doses of vitamin C in the body, reduce to about 50% the risk of attack to the head. Precisely for this, it is recommended to eat five to nine teaspoons trees vegetables per day. With the amount of vitamin C in the body can prevent the possibility of stroke, it was made known after an extensive research conducted with approximately 20,000 middle-aged and older, conducted in the United Kingdom Norfolk. The protective effects of vitamin C against stroke are ascertainable by considering factors titles: age, sex, smoking, alcohol, body mass index, pressure, cholesterol, physical activity, diabetes, earlier attacks the heart, taking medication and social status.

Vitamin C

1-removes brain problems
2nd mental problems as forgetfulness
3- must be consumed to 9 tablespoons of vegetables or fruits with vitamin C per day.

24. Eating only vegetables slows the growth of children

It is not at all healthy for a mother to remove the child from her diets, foods of animal origin, during the feeding with milk, and for more children to impose a strictly vegetarian food, without cheese, butter or bread. Sufficient studies show mothers how vegetarian children, deprived of animal proteins, are born with small and grow slowly, an effect that may become a continuous problem for their later life. If doctors should now return these children with a normal body, they need that for two years, to eat a limited amount of meat per day, to return to the energetic and active people.

Non-vegetarian food shortages causes:

1-child underaction
2-Children born small weight
3-grew more slowly than others
4-Kane constant problems in their lives

25. Foods that should be used during menstruation

Blood loss means a reduced oxygenation of body cells, ie greater fatigue than usual for the same work. Certainly those days should eat more than usual. Good is that women take iron from the pharmacy. But caution, do not take iron on an empty stomach, it will weigh more. Also, they should consume more foods that contain iron such as red meat (Vicci better, because it has more iron than lamb and pork). Should drinking a glass of orange squeezed as this fruit has more vitamin C vegetables should eat green color, they contain folic acid. Not eat the same meal an iron-rich food (eg meat) with a food rich in calcium (eg milk or cheese). Definitely, eat chocolate during menstruation, because it contains iron and magnesium, they are things that the body loses blood escaped.

27. Urinary problems treated with broccoli

Broccoli is not found often in our tables because we did not know enough about it. However, it is good that this kind of vegetables to consume more often because it is very nutritious and its preparation is very easy. Broccoli can be very effective in problems that occur in most women but also men. Broccoli has been quite effective in the prevention of inflammatory urinary channels. This disease is notified more often in women, some of them learned to live with this problem. Doctors claim that women who have problems with urinary channels should eat 200 to 300 grams of boiled broccoli. Broccoli contains Glutinate, which are secondary plant compounds which destroy bacteria in the bladder.

Broccoli cures:

Urinary Infections

2-ignition of female urinary channels
3 breast cancer
4-must consumed boiled broccoli 200-300 grams per day

28-The scent of rose strengthens memory

German scientists after a concrete experiment, have concluded that the smell of roses at bedtime revives and strengthens people’s memory. In this experiment, they were activated 74 volunteers had to remember two objects or letters, the letters one after the other inverted. Meanwhile, some of the “volunteers” breathe aroma of roses.
Then, researchers observed their brain activity at bedtime. Even during sleep scientists Beds casting solution in the vicinity of wind rose. The next day, the experimentation was asked what he had remained in the mind of the objects and papers they had seen.

The scent of the rose

1-Strengthens memory
2-bottle perfume such be held overnight to the head of the bed
3-There is no criterion for the group, it helps those who want to erase memory

29 Fruits those damage teeth

By now everyone knows that dental caries is caused, in most cases, the food fresh. They make it possible to destroy all cells deep teeth and throat. It is also known that fruits and vegetables have both: sugars and acids. Precisely for this doctors have grouped the number of fruit that should be consumed more often, because teeth damage. So are bananas, date palm, pineapple, potato, peas, fresh apples, which contain large amounts of hydrocarbons. This group includes the pomegranate, blueberries, plums, cherries, which have really fewer hydrocarbons, but are rich in organic acids. In this group also included tomatoes, lettuce, parsley, spinach.

Fruits those damage teeth

2- Fresh apples

30 Foods that fight aging

Spinach and beans are considered two basic foods to combat aging. A group of researchers from Australia, Indonesia, and Sweden studied the nutrition of women and older men and have proved that those who had fewer wrinkles consume more green leafy vegetables and beans. The secret? These foods are rich in substances that help in calming healing of skin cells. One other food that also fights aging grape juice. It not only protects against heart attack and stroke but may also assist in calming the skin. And that, because grapes contain polyphenols, antioxidant substances that keep skin elastic and smooth. We contend food group included aging and sweet potatoes, yellow cheese

Fight aging:

4-sweet potatoes
5 yellow cheese

31 Grapes, anti-cancer and vascular diseases

Scientists claim that of all fruit juices, grape juice is most effective against cancer and heart disease. This is because this juice has a very large concentration of antioxidants, which neutralize “free radicals” which are causes of aging and the birth of cancerous diseases.

Grape is rich in glucose, fructose, organic acids, mineral salts, potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium, pectin, and vitamins. Precisely for this reason, doctors recommend in cases of anemia and disorders of the nervous system, in the initial stages of tuberculosis, and in many diseases stomach and bowel. Those who drank grape juice, at least, three times a week are more likely to escape Alzheimer it diseases.

Grapes cures:

3-Cases with anemia
4-Gastric diseases
5-Nervous system

32 Fight skin cancer with exercise and caffeine

If you can add to your exercise routine one or two cups of coffee would reduce considerably the risk of skin cancer. This was proven with the latest research in this field. The combination of exercise and coffee destroys precancerous cells that are created by ultraviolet rays that cause damage. According to a group of researchers at Rutgers University, after experiments in a rat model showed that there is a protective effect of caffeine and exercise, not necessarily to use both simultaneously. Scientists believe that such an effect may be similar and humans. Precisely for this reason, to avoid skin cancer, they recommend the intervention of coffee with physical exercises.

33. Jodi regulates over 100 enzyme systems

Iodine is needed by the thyroid glands, to produce thyroid hormone, which regulates more than 100 enzyme systems, including here and metabolism, growth, reproduction and many other basic functions. Lack of iodine the thyroid glands brings blowing. This happens they attempt to take iodine from the blood, and forming one Strum. Also, a lower slowdown in metabolism causing mental and physical activity, weight gain, extension neck (because thyroid glands located there), facial features and hair dry. Iodine is found mainly in all seafood and iodized salt. Also, milk and dairy products and vegetables that grow in the ground containing iodine.

34. Lack of chromium due to diabetes and genetic diseases

Chromium was identified as one of the minerals in the human body only 30 years ago. Studies to continue still. Chromium is part of a composition which allows insulin to work. It is also important in metabolism and genetic structure. Due to the lack of knowledge about this mineral salt, it is difficult to distinguish specific signs, in his absence. However it is known that may cause an increased blood cholesterol. We made studies in animals, the absence of chromium causes a disease that is very similar to diabetes. Mainly found in meat, whole grains, dried beans, lentils, hazelnuts, fish and other sea products.

35. Beware of paracetamol, damaging the kidneys

Many tablets to swallow some of the overwhelmingly against headaches, calming tooth pain and other pain, containing paracetamol. This analgesic, aspirin substitute very well and is suitable for people who have dry in the stomach and for those who occasionally appear in the stomach blood leakage. But caution! Paracetamol damaging the kidneys. Thus, those who use it have three times more likely to suffer from kidney than those who do not use herbs that have no paracetamol.

36. The use of yogurt prevents diarrhea

productive is one of the most used nowadays, to avoid the lack of hunger among children, considering that is a product quite fond of this age group. But what you did not know before is that the yogurt to avoids stools. Bacteria “friend” of yogurt and other dairy products can decrease the number of viruses. Precisely for this reason, doctors recommend mothers to enter the daily menu in the diet of their offspring and this product so healthy.

37. Coffee adds heartbeat

There are various studies that accept or not the values ??of coffee in our body. However specialists fall all agree on one point, the product with the color black in all cases damages the heart. Especially when used in numerous measures during the day. Be careful after drinking some coffee consecutive frequent feel the heart beating, in these cases, but this body is better to check the liver. In cases where you have problems with the functioning of the liver, coffee caffeine accumulates in the blood and thus begin to frequent beatings of the heart.

38. Lack of vitamin A causes blindness

Lack of vitamin A causes night blindness and short-sightedly. Therefore, it recommended that among others eat fresh parsley, which is rich in vitamin A, but also contains calcium needed for muscle elasticity of the eye. Half cup parsley meets the daily need of vitamin A. This organization for all those times when the person is aware that has not consumed his daily menu of products that have this kind of vitamin.

39. How to cure wounds in iodine

Initially contaminated wounds should always wash with cold water and then disinfect them with iodine and ethyl alcohol. Small scratches are recommended to not connect. They better recover in the air. Slightly larger wounds and those faced by clothing is best to cover the patch, which should be replaced every 24 hours. This for wounds that can be treated and dealt with in terms of the house, while for serious wounds should be directed to the doctor.

40. Why antibiotics associated with vitamins

The use of antibiotics is associated with various vitamins, so as not to avoid the action of a permanent beneficial intestinal microflora. Health and development of beneficial intestinal microflora that depends very much on the food that gets everyday man. Therefore, we must not forget the need to eat and drink well for the “health” of it. Wrong nutrition can damage this microflora, and, therefore, allow the spread of harmful microbes. In cases when antibiotics fail to separate them bring health disorders, such as a headache, fatigue, nausea, etc.

A healthy body and less pound of food combinations

41. Carrots and Olive oil

There are certain foods that should be eaten accompanied by others because these are more beneficial to the human body. Similarly, studies have shown that if eats carrots chopped in salad form without throwing olive oil, can bring down a number of calories you take, but loses getting betacarotene that are quite valuable for the body.

42. Vitamins and mixing with fats

Vitamin A, as well as vitamins D, E, K, absorbed by the body, only in the presence of endurance. Before, it was considered inappropriate to join the proteins with carbohydrates. But today, it is thought that adding them different kinds of pasta (sulfite), a few beans, peas, or lentils, filled with good protein the body needs.

43. Food that should never be united

Food not always is united with each other as in this case they lose all their nutritional values. One such case is the cheese, which is rich in calcium, but if it is consumed along with the flesh, inhibits the absorption of iron from the intestines. Cabbage white when eating fish, inhibits the absorption of iodine-containing fish. Also, tannin containing tea inhibits the absorption of calcium that is in cheese etc.

44. Fibre increases energy

If you want to you energetic throughout the day, starting with “fiber” that morning. Many of the specific foods affect our well-being, but the diet specialist, Annie Jefferson, indicates that a particular change increases the level of energy that occurs when a person eats for breakfast a food rich in fiber fibers. It proved that increases the level of energy It has a positive effect on the functioning of organs. It keeps you in shape for a long time and also does not affect weight gain.

45. Avoid Varicose with green stalk

Many women over the age of 30 years suffer from the pain and the emergence of voices, but only keeping the digestive system moving, can find the key to avoiding this problem. American vein specialist Dr. Luis Navarro advises: Women can prevent the emergence of various choosing foods rich products plant with cuttings, (fiber) wheat, rice, etc., which affect the functioning of internal organs and regulate the movement of muscles, in cases where the lower limbs are suffering from. Avoid and sitting with legs crossed.

46. Osteoporosis leave with strawberries

Osteoporosis occurs in one in every three women aged over 50 worlds and is the factors that cause early menopause, anorexia and use for a long time corticosteroids. Precisely for this reason, doctors recommend eating strawberries during their production season. These are products of vitamins K that has been identified as an Effective Treatment of osteoporosis. Research has shown that vitamin K contributes to the elimination of bone problems.

47. Keep blood pressure, prevent salt

From high blood pressure suffer one in every three young people and more women aged 35 to 55 years old. Precisely for this reason, doctors recommend that should be watched carefully food labels, the quantity of “hidden” salt because this is the main way to increase blood pressure through food. For example, a thin part of a pice medium containing 20% ??of salt per day is recommended to take a human. Most of us take a day twice – the amount of salt, much more than the body needs. Reducing salt is one of the most important factors in reducing blood pressure.

48. Avoid a headache with fish …

Japanese have a lower degree of depression because they use fish oil in cooking. Nutritionist, says Fabienne Garceau we still do not manage to perceive the message when it comes to this fatty acid. British fish using no cash, only 11% of them can take place once a week. So it is not surprising to see that people are always tense. If you are not a fish eater, you can try with fresh chicken eggs, which are very usable as diet.

49. Obesity shortens life of great bodily

An overweight body has long viewed as harmful to health, but two new medical studies conclude that overweight body plays a role in reducing the years of life.

American and Dutch scientists inform that body obesity shortens life expectancy. For reaching this conclusion it took several years scientists detailed study of the issue. Dr. David Allison at the University of Alabama said that the aim of the study was to determine the impact that has on the life of human obesity. The data reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association shows that the lives of people with body weight can cut 20 years if overweight begins around age 20 years. Also, a young black woman with overweight can lose 4 to 5 years of her life while a white-bred woman is overweight can lose 5 to 8 years. Situation worsening men. A white man in a race that big overweight body can live 12 years less, while a young black man in the same condition overweight body can live 20 years less.

50. Salt; Use it as little as possible

Remember that every product created by nature is not salty in taste, he is usually sweet or rancid. Also, salt found in seawater which is not recommended to drink unless the person is thirsty and did not like to act differently. Add cabbage in your daily diet. Eat green spinach leaves, satellites for heart disease and diabetes. Lentils also are rich in nutrients and ingredients necessary for the body tonic. The nuclei of different fruits are useful for muscle strength and fighting diabetes. Use soy because it contains 9 kinds of vitamins. Wheat products and wheat, in particular, products which contain vitamin E and prolong life.

Canned products contain different nutritional substances, which are recommended to maintain the rate of blood pressure and other disorders that may occur in our body.

51. Aspirin

Daily consumption of aspirin should be 1/4 of the 100-milligram tablet removes the dangerousness of heart attack. Aspirin stops the process of maturity by keeping tissue flexible. It is also good for the eyes. Every day we put a little nostrils and mustard oil mixed with a little water. It is beneficial for the eyes and keeps airways clean and smooth. Every day we distribute mustard oil toes, it helps to improve eyesight.

52. Fats

They are based in many body processes and are a concentrated form of energy. Excessive intake of fat can lead to obesity. Meat, cheese, palm oil, coconut oil, animal fats, eggs, fish, nuts, have fat soluble. Fibers play an important role in a healthy diet, help the movement of food in the digestive apparatus, stop constipation, help bowel function (prevent disturbances in them), appendicitis, heart diseases.

53. Grains

Grains are very rich in fiber. Vitamins and mineral salts help the body maintain good form. A good diet should provide all the vitamins and mineral salts, which are very necessary for the body. Although only small amounts needed, they are not replaceable. Vitamins and mineral salt act together. Mineral salts affect the bony structures new, creating a balance of body water system, nerves and muscle reactions.

54. Minerals

Important minerals are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, sulfur, sodium, potassium and zinc. Some vitamins like A, D, E, K, can be stored, and vitamins C and B complex should be taken regularly. If cooked fruits and vegetables, vitamins and mineral salts lost many of their qualities. Precisely for this reason, should consume less food than you are hungry. Experiments conducted have shown that the life of a person who eats normally and without excessive, reducing one of the meals 40, doubled. Nature has made us more gifts of gold. Pomegranate contains many important minerals and vitamins necessary for our body.

55. Vegetables

Every day is recommended to consume at least one meal of fresh green products such as spinach, cabbage, green salad, etc. They help to normalize blood circulation and in the regulation of blood pressure normalization. Many people retain sharp glance up in the elderly due to continuous consumption of these foods. Yellow squash and baked good containing beta carotene, which is also found in carrots and provides continuous power to the heart.

Nutritious Food