Breakfast The Best Nutritious Food

Breakfast it is a very important meal of the day but sometimes end up just drinking a coffee or eating a croissant. But haste is the enemy of prosperity, in addition to a healthy meal it should not be too long, but good organization.

Here are five foods to eat in the morning, to give you energy. These foods are good for the body and can help you body be healthy and strong.

5 Best Breakfast Foods You Should Eat

1. Tea
Tea is rich in antioxidants, and green tea is anti-aging. The organization helps hydration and improves circulation. Use the time to bathe in the morning to set water to boiling. To make a good tea, switch off a little earlier cooker, add half a tablespoon of green tea leaf, and hot water above. You can alternate with peppermint or rose Adds immunity and protects you from viroids the season.

2. Seeds
Seeds are rich in alpha-linoleic acid. Omega 3 fights aging and helps in concentration, giving us energy throughout the day. To help you take two tablespoons of seeds in a glass of water leave, so leave to rest in the morning Drink on an empty stomach. Alternatively, the mix can abandon seeds, sunflower with hazelnuts or almonds, and every morning take a spoon of them and a spoonful of honey in a bowl of yogurt. So learn more about eating well for breakfast.

3. HoneyBreakfast honey
Excessive sugar consumption makes our society, including children, slaves sugar, situated as to bread and tomatoes. But Replace these sugars with honey, a natural antibiotic that has the effect of a real drug. Besides antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is rich in minerals and vitamins. Moreover, honey helps in disinfecting the liver and helps the immune system, especially during the cold season will begin.

Breakfast Ideas 

4. Bread
Eliminate fats which are to a croissant, and to industrial products. breadThis is not simply a matter of lines and calories but is the best of the whole organism. According to studies, the normal croissant bought in a store you do not quench the hunger, but the risk is even felt hungry in the early hours of the morning when you go to work and eat more at lunch. Choose bread, it would be better integrated, product-rich Handicraft and seeds.

5. Fruits
Thanks to mineral salts and vitamins, fruits are a moisturizing element, and gives you energy, not forgetting here and taste they’re fresh and natural. Use the winter to make a fruit-based juice orange and peach, two kiwi vitamins C but can use any kind of fruit.

Nutritious Food