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Calories Foods Tips

Calories foods that burn a lot of calories, and here are some best foods that we can consume each day in order to burn calories and fall in weight. However, what I list it you are incredibly delicious foods and you do that you get good unimaginable. Try to add some of these foods in your diet, of course not forgetting to do physical exercises regularly. In this way, you will lose calories wholesalers and will improve your health.

Calories foodsHere some foods that burn more calories:

Oranges accelerate metabolism and help you burn more calories that. This fruit helps you to feel full sooner and for a longer time with fewer calories. Oranges are also rich in fiber to help you get the right levels of glucose in the blood.


The secret of celery is very simple: it contains fewer calories and helps burn more of them. Celery consists mostly of water and this is why it is good as part of a balanced diet. However, this food is fit to eat just because your body wants you to get the necessary minerals and other food. So the best decision is to combine it with some other foods. Celery helps in burning calories and what you eat. Celery has high water content and it makes an important part of your diet. Celery is one of the best calories foods from other plants.

Avocado is a “friend” very good against the calories since it helps the metabolism in the production and protection of energy produced by the cells. Avocado also has a number of other positive benefits for health, because of lowers cholesterol, heals wounds, reduces the risk of heart disease is good for the eyes and hair.

Whole grains

Studies show that whole grains are healthy and reduce the risk of chronic diseases. Whole grains, like bread, black, black rice, etc., take more time to be digested by the body. So you will not feel hungry for a long time. Whole grains are rich in various vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates, and not too much fat.

Green teaCalories Foods

Green tea is a very good booster of metabolism. Rich in antioxidants, green tea helps in weight reduction.


It is scientifically proven that Omega-3 is an adjustment of our metabolism. This type of acid directly affects hormones that control fat burning. Omega-3 found in fish, mostly salmon.


Coffee is very important for most people all over the world, especially in the morning. Caffeine to get the coffee helps reduce the risk of heart disease, blood receives more oxygen and the body burn more calories. However on the negative role coffee plays sugar, to try to replace the latter with alternative products.

Spicy foods: make all possible burning calories faster. Spicy are not rich in calories and are a very good way to combine your dishes.

Chia seeds are rich in protein, fiber, omega-3 and help to control hunger. These seeds make you feel full for a longer time.

Almonds: help in the fight against cellulite and strengthen the metabolism. They help in speeding up the metabolism.

1. Dried grapes

Calories Foods

Although dried grapes are healthy and great to boost digestion, but it is not a low-calorie food. A small bag can contain up to 130 calories, so experts think it is better to eat a bowl full of fresh grapes and also save on calories.

2. Sweets rice

Although seem “dis”, they have almost no taste, often contain the same amount of calories as simple cookies. It is better to eat something that will satisfy you and will give you energy for the same amount of calories.

3. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is an excellent replacement for the various cakes with lots of sugar and fat, but 100 grams of the chocolate can contain up to 600 calories. Do not go overboard, then the chocolate just because it is healthier than the ordinary, but eat only a small part, and leave the rest for tomorrow.

4. Olive oilOlive oil

Two tablespoons of olive oil enrich your meal, even with 238 calories, which many people do not notice, because they think of it as a “healthy eating”. Care should be taken with all the oils, also with olive.

5. Mixing

Many housewives willingly serve mix, which consists of almonds, nuts, and dried fruit, but often ignored the fact that a cup of such a mixture can contain up to 700 calories!

6. Salmonsalmon and spicy broccoli 2

Salmon is very healthy and very good for our health, but it has more calories than many people think. A file has an average of 734 calories, and when we add the oil and spices, can reach up to 1,000 calories and without adding potatoes, rice or salad. Salmon is the best and contains high calories foods.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice is on top of liquids consumed and curative. Recent research conducted by scientists have shown that orange is a fruit rich in substances that act as anti-cancer and helps to fight high blood pressure. So, Orange juice is the best calories foods that replace a lot of waste energy in our body.

Here’re seven reasons why you should drink orange juice:

  • – Juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps strengthen the immune system.
  • – People who have problems with high blood pressure should regularly consume this drink as it helps reduce it.
  • – One of the most important ingredients containing orange is hesperidin. Studies have shown that this substance is positive affects the cardiovascular system and reduce blood cholesterol.
  • – Prevents breast cancer and prostate.
  • – Orange has anti-inflammatory properties. Precisely these properties help relieve pain if you have problems with arthritis, muscle, and joint stiffness.
  • – Scientists say the antioxidants in oranges help in losing weight.
  • – If you are pregnant should not drink this juice regularly.

So, these are some of the best calories foods that you need to eat for a healthy life. We recommend that by eating this food you will take all the calories that our body need to take.

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