Easy Recipes For Beginners

Easy recipes for beginners

If you are new to cooking and you are looking for some easy recipes for beginners! Then here you are gooing to get some great tips where to start. The best and easy way of cooking recipes for beginners at home are pasta, salad and chicken.


These are the best way of easy cooking recipes for beginners, that you can make them quick and easy. Pasta is easy recipes to make they are simple and easy to prepare too. Cooking pasta at home will only take you few minutes, Boil pasta is supposed to be simple.Easy Recipes For Beginners

You may ask how to cook pasta perfectly. Or Does your pasta always comes out too sticky, too hard, too mushy? Well, cooking pasta in a perfect way is as easy as boiling water, but cooking pasta correctly is about paying attention to detail. You can help your pasta dish to be perfect and delicious too. You need to make attention when you are cooking pasta or when you are preparing pasta sauce tips.

How long does it take to make pasta?

All you need to do is put a timer on and give it 10 – 12 minutes for almost all kinds of pasta, but the best way to test it is after 8 minutes, test again after one or two minutes. This method is only when you cook a new brand for the first time.

How much salt do you put in water for pasta?

Well, you can cook your pasta dish with a lot of salts or less salt it depends on to you. Here is some amount of salt that most great chefs  add to pasta, for 5 quarts of water to a rolling boil. You need to add about 1 tablespoons of coarse salt.

These are some of the best tips you need to follow when you are cooking pasta. You need to focus when you are cooking pasta in order not to boil too much.


Here are some of the best basic steps to prepare a delicious salad ever with the right ingredients. You may ask! How to make a basic salad? Well, I might say making a salad it is very easy and simple too. Everyone should master their skills of making great salad recipes with a lot of mixed ingredients.

A salad is very easy recipes for beginners to prepare, all you need to do is just add some vegetables into a plate and mix leafy greens too. You need some olive oil on a top pinch of salt too for taste.

How to Make a Perfect Salad?

A perfect green salad it is very easy all you need to do is just put in a big plate some green leafy vegetables. You can make green salads with a twist, there are some steps in preparing the salad.

First, you need to clean the salad because they come from the ground and the contain a lot of os soil.That means the salad may be spoiled and you need to clean with running water.

Secondly, the best way to make a salad healthy for our body it is that when you cut the vegetables you need to cut them in large pieces. For example, some green leafy salads you should not use knives.
If you are looking for some methods of preparing salad dressing then I can help you too. It is very important for preparing salad dressing by your won. There are a lot of recipes of preparing salad dressing this is due to the salad that you are eating.

How to prepare the salad at home?

Preparing salad at home it is easy recipes for beginners to cook at home simple and quick. There are a lot of recipes of salad that people prepare at home, these recipes are endless when it comes to preferences that we all have.


Chicken is one of the easy recipes for beginners to cook at home simple and fast. Cooking chicken it is an easy way all you need to do is just chop the chicken into small pieces and some vegetables into a pan.

There are simple recipes for beginners when it comes to cooking chicken, there are a lot of chicken recipes to cook and prepare at home. Chicken meat it is healthy too it is one of the best white meat that we all need to eat every day.

I recommend you to cook chicken meat. Instead, other red meat that you never know that is it good for you or is bad for your health.


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