Healthy Breakfast

7 rules for a healthy breakfast

A good healthy breakfast will help us face the day with energy, and will help us maintain a balanced weight because it is the fundamental rules day.7 food for a healthy breakfast.

We all know that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Whether to go to lose weight, or get lead a healthier life, you need to follow some proper guidelines with which to feed better and, therefore, have a better quality of life. What if we implement some simple rules?healthy breakfast

Sometimes, either for work or for certain habits, we usually get up quickly and left the house with a simple coffee. This will soon we feel without power and with a slight discomfort, long-term mistakes that we can take their toll. It is worth pausing a moment to make a good breakfast with which to face the day in the best way possible.

Healthy breakfast: Why is breakfast so important?

Leave home without a good breakfast will affect our concentration and moodiness, as lack of glucose needed to feed our brain.

Just keep in mind that our body takes 8 hours without any food. In the case of children, breakfast does not have some effects for their development and for their physical and intellectual productivity in school.

Breakfast can provide us with the necessary dose of vitamins and minerals for the day.
People who eat breakfast balanced, varied and correctly maintain the weight within healthy limits. Ideally, five meals a day, breakfast being an essential part.

Ideal breakfast: 7 Basic rules

1. Breakfast with alkaline foods

Alkaline foodsalkaline food

Do not start the day with a breakfast acid: If you wake up in the morning with a bad taste in the mouth is because you are carrying too acidic diet. Ideally, start the day with lemon juice or orange, or even a white tea and an apple … combined have the same effect as coffee. Most fruits are alkaline, so do not forget to include a part or natural juice in your breakfast.

2. Whole grains

When taking carbohydrates, which are always more favorable for our healthealthy breakfasth and our line, hence that whole grains rise up as the best option: oats, barley, quinoa, quality bread for our toast … avoid refined grains and elaborate. They are not natural and are not beneficial to health.

3. Do not combine sweet and salty

And because? you will ask yourself. Can I not combine a fruit plate with a sandwich? You can, but your stomach may suffer. The sugars in fruit are easy to digest and are not long in the stomach, but if we put heavier and salty things in it, then the fruit sugars remain there and can inflame. It is advisable not to.

4. Get adequate protein in your breakfast

Many people often have breakfast in the morning eggs, milk or sausage. These nutritious foods are too heavy and can take its toll in the long term, you must replace a vegetarian breakfast. It includes, for example, soybean sprouts a fruit salad, and even nuts. They are ideal for our brain gets the right energies.

5. Avoid dairy

We already know. In recent times they are being published many facts which speak of the negative effects of milk: intolerance, inflammation, migraines, acidify the blood, offer mucus in the colon … if you also have respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, dairy, aggravate this reality.

You can replace soy milk, almond, and even almond.

6. Sit down to breakfast

If you eat in a hurry your stomach will suffer, it is not healthy. Take your time, get up a little earlier and do it in quiet mode, chewing slowly to absorb nutrients adequately. Try to relax with some music to leave home with ease, well-nourished and with enough energy to face the day.

7. Hydrate well

Lemon Diet

It is essential to leave home every morning with the body well hydrated. Our brain needs and our kidneys must cleanse our body of toxins, hence, it is essential that during breakfast take at least two glasses of water. For this, you can combine for example with the juice of a lemon, that first glass of liquid that will help cleanse the body. Later, when you’ve finished breakfast, take the last glass of water before leaving home.

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