Healthy Lunch Recipes

Easy and Quick Healthy Lunch Recipes

The most cited excuse most people use for eating bad diets is the lack of time to prepare healthy lunch recipes. Admittedly, with the busy lives, we all lead, packing a gourmet lunch on a daily basis is not possible. However, there is a better option than just grabbing cholesterol-loaded fast food. With these easy and quick healthy lunch recipes, brown bagging your lunch every morning should take no more than a few minutes prep.

Healthy Lunch Recipes 1: Yummy SandwichesHealthy Lunch Recipes 1

The sandwich is a practical lunch to make, especially if you need to pack food for more than one person. This recipe is a pretty basic one: you just take two slices of bread and stuff it with items like cold meats and some greens. You can pre-cut the necessary ingredients the night before and store them in the fridge until morning. Switch the ingredients around for variety. While almost anybody can make a decent BLT, try something different once in a while. As a whole wheat tortilla wrapped around chicken strips, cheese, lettuce, and vinaigrette dressing. If you have a microwave, oven toaster or Panini press at work you can keep it simple by just putting some grated mozzarella between pumpernickel bread slices and heating it up on your break this makes great healthy lunch recipes.

Healthy Lunch Recipes 2: Green SaladsHealthy Lunch Recipes 2

Green Salad: Green leafy vegetables like lettuce or romaine can be a light and refreshing lunch. Toss in some grilled chicken strips or even canned shredded tuna for protein. Tomatoes, olives, and cheese will add some variety in flavour and texture. Pack some light olive oil or vinaigrette dressing on the side. Here is a useful tip if you are on a diet: instead of drizzling the salad dressing, simply dip your fork in it after taking a bite of salad greens. You will be getting the same flavour while consuming a much smaller serving of calorie-loaded dressing.

Healthy Lunch Recipes 3: Quick Bites

Quick Bites: If you are really busy and cannot devote even a few minutes of prep time in the morning. Then stock up your fridge with some healthy food items that you can grab on the run. Some of your options would be fruit cups, yogurt, boiled eggs, applesauce, whole grain crackers and fresh fruits. Incidentally, these food items are also great if you are going to be working through lunch and eating at your desk.

One final note: eating a healthy lunch is good but you also need to drink healthy beverages as well. Fruit juices, herbal teas, and just plain water are great for detox and great healthy lunch recipes.

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