Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Kid Friendly

Healthy Vegetarian Recipes Kid Friendly

These healthy vegetarian recipes kid friendly will help your kids to be more healthy and strong. Within living memory of educating our youth, it has been a big issue. I’m pretty sure even the first homo sapiens had their very own ideas on this important issue immensely. Now that we never depend on how our children grow up in this world, because they will shape our future. And a vital part of parenting is diet.

I have a confession to make. I’ve been a vegetarian for quite some time (and even did a few months ago vegan * cough *) and do my best to live the healthiehealthy vegetarian recipes kid friendlyst you can. And yes, I extended my knowledge to everyone who wants me for advice on the subject.

I also studied pedagogy. That’s how I know how important their own decisions. Especially for our youngest. And decide what foods to eat at school is certainly a very good opportunity to practice independence.

If our children eat more food Veggie?

And this is where the debate begins: Would it be a good thing to introduce a purely vegetarian day a week at school cafeterias?

And I’m a Vegetarian

Ever Since movies like “Super Size Me!” and “Forks over Knives” were launched (successfully) more and more people have become aware or the fact that the current Western lifestyle might not be the healthiest in the world.

  • The statistics not only shows that more than 50% of people of so-called civilized states are overweight. They also show a strong correlation between intake of unnatural Meaty and diseases of civilization such as heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol and diabetes II.
  • Even more shocking than the fact that every two adults is, at least, a little heavy around the waist and endangers their health, therefore, is that too many kids put more in the balance than they should. Even the smallest.
  • And children can not be held responsible for what (or how much) they eat. They are the parents who prepare their lunchboxes to school. Or cook meals. Or take them to restaurants. If a child eats nothing but fish sticks and mashed potatoes for years you can not expect like cucumber, suddenly. Or know what is supposed to be a healthy meal to look (and taste) like. Naturally you are thinking about the things he knows as the best food there. And keep eating in most cases, even after a kick in adulthood.healthy vegetarian recipes kid friendly

Schools, of course, are also responsible for what children and adolescents eat. But they only serve meals that most parents agree with.

I truly believe that the introduction of certain vegetarian meals in schools would be a very good thing. Not only clear enough calories dish at least once a week (yes, a good vegetarian recipe does not need to compensate for the “lack” of meat with lots of fat). Also inspire the palate of some children usually, they think that green stuff on the plate is mere decoration.
an alternative offer. At least once a week.

No choice

  • As I mentioned before: A dilemma opens as soon as some people assume they knew the answer to an issue that concerns (almost) everyone. Of course, I do not believe that at least one vegetarian lifestyle is to live a very healthy option. But vegetarianism (veganism or now) is one thing that I decided to be part of myself. Can it be right to choose a lifestyle that we consider healthy at the younger?healthy vegetarian recipes kid friendly
  • Most children simply do not have the vision still decide for themselves what diet is best for them. And I mean better than the best of his character – not just by their mere bodies. Most children only know one or the other form of life that is more or less dictated by their old. Therefore, the children of parents vegetarians are also very often vegetarians. And children addicted to fast food are also likely to become fans of fast food themselves.

And yes, you got me here, I really think that forcing a child vegetarianism as bad as forcing a lifestyle of fast food. Because it was not able to decide them.

Therefore, a forced vegetarian day at school would be so bad for the child’s mind about food as serving the usual cafeteria meals throughout the week, even if those meals come with more calories.
I woke up this morning craving vegetable soup my mom did when she was a child.

  • It was the 1950s lived frugally, but I do not think we never considered poor. We had a house and clothes to wear. Dad had a car, and we had nutritious food every night. Our meals were not gourmet – they were frugal, but were homemade and cooked with love. At that time there was “Hamburger Helper”, we had not heard of McDonalds, and frozen meals were still relatively new – and a luxury that really could not afford.healthy vegetarian recipes kid friendly
  • Mom, she never measured ingredients, so there is a written prescription. But in the evening when I got home from school, usually I sat at the kitchen table toying with the task while dinner was ready. I was a curious child, and I liked to observe what was happening in the kitchen.
  • When I think of those days I am amazed at how well mom did with so little. A pound of meat for stew (which is a cheap cut of tough meat) stretched for several meals for a family of 4. Dry beans were a blessing – a sack of a pound of beans now costs only $ 2.00 (and it was much cheaper 60 years ago). Two pounds of dried beans are equal to about 2 cups uncooked, but expand to 6 cups!

I am proud of my mom – his frugal nature gave us healthy, healthy, natural food to eat and saved us countless dollars.

How can you combine comfort with health?
It can be difficult to find healthy choices at fast food restaurants, but it is getting easier. With so much emphasis on health, obesity and portion sizes in the news these days, fast food restaurants are rising rapidly (at least partially) in the healthy wagon through advertising options on their menus that are low in fat and healthy.healthy vegetarian recipes kid friendly

Tips to Remember

  • Order Salads (but go easy on the dressing – I could do you in)
  • Request Grilled Sandwiches (skip fried and breaded)
  • Beware Seasonings Extras (tomato sauce, “special sauce”, sour cream, cheese, “super-size”)
  • Drink ice water, juice or milk (skip the soda)
  • Choose chicken (meat has more fat)
  • Have fruit or side salads (instead of fries – but watch the calorie-laden dressings)
  • Downsize with Kiddie Food or junior size (sometimes it’s the perfect portion)
  • Share (split order of fries with a friend)
  • Ask for different sauces (mustard instead of mayonnaise, salsa instead of three types of cheese)
  • Skip the cheese (just add cheese to a burger you can add more than 100 calories to your meal)

Although it is best to eat balanced nutritious meals, sometimes it takes something as convenient as a fast food restaurant. Or, you may simply want to fulfill a wish. However, you end up deciding on fast food, remember to make the  food decisions for your child if you can.

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