Macadamia Nuts

Uses for Macadamia Nuts

The macadamia nuts are delicious buttery nut grown in subtropical regions all over the world, although macadamias are widely associated with the Hawaiian Islands. This association occurs because Hawaii is not only a major producer and exporter, but the distinctive flavor of the nut is reminiscent of the tropical regions where it is grown.

Macadamias can be purchased in a variety of forms. They can be dry roasted or honey roasted, salted or unsalted, coffee-glazed or chocolate-covered, enjoyed with caramel or enjoyed with a touch of coconut. Macadamia nuts can be used as a garnish, added to bread, and baked into cookies. There are macadamia nut butter, salad dressings, liqueurs, and ice creams. Unlike other nuts, the macadamia nut is versatile; it can be used in the place of just about every other nut. If the desire is to make an otherwise boring dish exciting, just substitute the other nut for a macadamia and enjoy the exotic taste of the tropics.Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts can also have their oils extracted from them and made into cooking oils. Anyone who avoids this diverse nut because they are worried about their waistline would be interested to know that the health benefits of macadamia nut oil can be compared to that of olive oil. The oils of the macadamia nut can and are commonly used in skin products, such as lotion and body oils.

Not all uses for the macadamia nut are contained in conventional products where nuts are commonly found. The shells of the macadamia nut are often used in fertilizer.

There are also some unusual uses for the macadamia. The leaves of the macadamia nut tree can be used to decorate Christmas wreaths. Another interesting fact about our talented friend is that due to the resemblance to crack cocaine, chopped Macadamia nuts have been used by law enforcement in drug stings.

The macadamia nut is a nut with many talents. With its distinctive flavor and healthy benefits, the macadamia nut is a truly versatile and makes a delicious snack.

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