Organic Grass Fed Beef

Benefits of Naturally Fed, Humanely Raised Meats

Make no mistake, humans are omnivores. Our dentistry shows this, our digestive system shows this, and so does archaeological evidence. A lot of people are vegetarian because of the absolutely inhumane way the animals are treated and because of the conditions present on factory farms. For people who don’t eat meat because of this moral dilemma, fear not! We believe that organic grass fed beef is the best to eat.

Why choosing organic grass fed beef?

We, here at Landmark Natural Foods believe strongly in the ideal that you respect your food. So, we all should eat organic grass fed beef more these days. The more organic the grass is the better for our health.

In order to adhere to this philosophy, we carry meat products from conscientious companies such as Applegate Farms. They also believe as we do, that cows, turkeys, chickens, and pigs (of course, not just these). So, deserve to live as happy and free a life as possible, eating the things they are supposed to eat in a natural setting.

This means they are pastured on land that has a minimum or never had synthetic fertilizers or pesticides, with ample amounts of sunlight, fresh air, and fresh water, free to roam around in a wide open span of land. It also means that they aren’t cloned, given growth hormones, antibiotics (unless absolutely necessary), or fed bioengineered food or byproducts. They should live happily, without mistreatment or abuse, for their entire lives.

The Benefits of Naturally Fed

The benefits of this, if we take one example, can be seen in the fat content of beef. Grain-fed, confined cows, have much higher ratios of omega-6 fats compared to omega-3 fats. These are two essential fatty acids (EFAs), which means they aren’t produced by the body and must be ingested. Research has shown that certain ratios are much healthier than others.

Ratios under 4 to 1 are better for us than what is in the beef from mainly grain-fed cows. In these cows, the ratios are of the order 20 to 1 or more. That is five times higher! So, when you eat grain-fed beef, you are getting an extremely disproportionate amount of omega-6 fats in your diet. Free range, Grass-fed cows, however, have been shown to generally have a ratio of 3 to 1, something incredibly healthier for them and for us.

The same holds true for chicken eggs. When a chicken is free to roam and eat all of the things it is supposed to eat, like bugs, organic fruits and vegetables, worms, and grass, the omega fatty acid ratios are much better. Organic, free-range, humanely treated chickens lay eggs that have ratios about 1.5 to 1, whereas conventional methods are about 20 to 1.

Why choosing naturally fed?

There are numerous other reasons why choosing naturally fed, humanely raised animals is good. If not as a benefit, then at least as preventing something bad. When an animal is continually mistreated or abused, stress hormones are released, which over time causes in them a host of negative health effects. Think about what happens to people who lead stressful lives. High blood pressure, heart problems, weakened immune systems to name a few. The same is true for animals.

Let’s take cows as an example. When repeatedly mistreated, their particular stress hormones accumulate in their system. These hormones are largely still in the beef that you eat. Unfortunately, they have similar effects on our system that our own stress hormones have on our own bodies. This means that even if you lead a relatively easy-going life, so long as you regularly eat beef from these inhumanely treated cows, you can develop symptoms related to a stressful life.

It can’t be emphasized more. It is almost imperative to treat the animals we eat with respect and as humanely as possible, just as you would treat yourself or the person you care about the most.

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