Pure Noni Juice And Other Products Provide Healthy Advantage

Benefits of Pure Noni Juice

Before pure noni juice was available on the market, other uses for the noni plant were quite popular. For centuries, the noni plant was used in folk medicine. In countries that include Japan, China, Samoa, and Tahiti, medical uses for the plant have included fever, eye problems, skin problems, stomach pain, constipation, throat problems, gum problems, and respiratory problems. The leaves of the plant can also be pounded and applied to a broken bone or a cut. One of the most popular is tahitian noni juice.

In addition to its medical uses, the health advantages of the noni plant were first seen commercially in Hawaii, when the noni plant’s pulp powder was sold in capsule form. Marketers patented a unique dehydration method involving the noni plant. It was this that spurred the eventual introduction of pure noni juice in commercial markets. Today, Polynesia provides the majority of the raw materials for noni juice. However, the United States contains the most manufacturers.

Pure Noni Juice And Other Products Provide Healthy Advantage

Nowadays the noni plant and the juice market will never be the same again. While the noni plant has long been used in its various forms, it is only recently that pure noni juice has become popular. Like the other forms of the noni plant, there are many advantages to drinking pure noni juice. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to soda and high calorie energy drinks, then give noni juice a try! The health benefits alone will make it worth your while.

Pure Noni Juice and Health

Though pure noni juice has now been on the market since 1995, the benefits and advantages of noni juice still remain disputed over. Marketers claim that the primary benefit of noni juice is that it helps to assist the redevelopment of cells. This in turn can help to fight cancer, high cholesterol, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.

However, despite these claims, there have still been many controversies over the proper regulation of noni juice. Should it be considered a drug? How far should scientists go to prove the alleged health benefits of pure noni juice? Such questions continue to be prominent today, more than a decade after noni juice was first introduced on the market.

Consume the Right Amount of Pure Noni Juice

Regardless the health advantages of noni juice, it is important to consume the beverage in moderation. Consuming too little or too much of pure noni juice could cancel out the health benefits. You should consume the right amount to gain maximum benefit of pure noni juice.

Natural Noni Juice and Health Benefits

The Pure Hawaiian Noni Juice is an example of a natural Noni juice. The Noni fruit is hand picked and processed by many companies from fruit trees grown in Hawaii. The companies take great care to ensure perfect quality, so that the fruit remains intact and nutritious, while also keeping the harvesting and manufacturing process safe.

Natural Noni Juice Use Natural Ingredient

The only ingredient used for Natural Noni Juice is the Noni fruit, which is white and sun ripened. It contains no sugar, yeast or any other additional nutrients. Hence, it is important that harvesting has to be continuous. The farmer or the fruit picker has to wait to pick only the ripe fruit. In other words, everything else like unripe fruit, green fruit or bruised fruit is rejected.

Natural Noni juice has no additives, no water, no chemicals and no preservatives. Since the entire manufacturing process is controlled by one company, the ripe fruit is collected from wild growing Morinda citrifolia trees. In order to secure the highest quality, each fruit is plucked only after it reaches a certain measurement.

Natural Noni Juice Manufacture

The manufacturers of natural Noni juice emphasize that their fruit should come from a specific area which ranges from lower coastal area to the hills inland. By covering such a wide expanse, the varieties of Noni fruit are different too. Noni fruits variety have ripened in different soil types under different climatic conditions. From this variety, the manufacturers pick the best raw material for their customers.

Natural Noni Juice for Everyone

Natural Noni Juice is useful for everybody, right from senior citizens to professional athletes. It helps the body to get rid of harmful free radicals by delivering powerful antioxidants. It also increases energy and enhances the immune system’s natural capacity to fight disease.

There are certain facts about the Noni that need to be considered. For example, few marketers claim that the real Noni comes only from Polynesian islands. Since Noni grows in many soils and climates, it can be produced anywhere in the world, such as Hawaii. Sometimes natural Noni juice may be bad for one’s health, because it may have some potential side effects like diarrhea.

Natural Noni Juice and Supplier

Most suppliers of natural Noni juice claim that their product is 100 percent pure and natural. Anyway you should be a smart buyer and confirm the ingredients before deciding to buy natural Noni juice. If you find any water, other fruit juices or even worse preservatives in it, you should stop and try to try another brand of natural Noni fruit juice.

Criticism of Noni Juice

Since many years ago, many criticism of noni juice has been heard. Noni juice companies have suggested that noni juice contains a miracle ingredient that can cure various ailments. Many people have fallen for their glorious slogans and tales of miracles from noni juice. People should listen to the criticism of noni juice because if a product has this much criticism, something could be up. Many people detest the claims noni juice companies make, because they get their hopes up and then they are not satisfied.

Pure Noni Juice and Health Issues

Noni juice claims to help many illnesses and health issues. In fact, pure noni juice is being criticized on issues such as health benefits, false claims, and lack of nutrients. Some people claim this to be true, but for the most part, many people are disappointed in the fact that noni juice really isn’t all it is cracked up to be.

Noni is made with a supposed “miracle” ingredient called proxeronine. This is supposed to be a precursor to xeronine. Not everyone has a defiency or problem obtaining this supposed “miracle of life” ingredient. This is only one of the issues that have been brought against the sellers of pure noni juice.

Noni Juice and False Claims

Noni juice has also been heavily criticized on the issue of their false claims and bogus research. Many noni-producing companies claim to have research that is true as time and thoroughly tested. This is not the case; most of their research is bogus advertising and marketing material that is used to get you to buy their product.

This marketing strategy is potentially harmful to some people, another reason why people heavily criticize noni juice and the company that produces it. If someone believes that noni juice will help cure their cancer, drinks it, and it doesn’t cure cancer, their hopes are dashed. Can you imagine the great loss of hope and feeling of foolishness that person might experience?

Noni Juice and Nutrients

Another reason that people heavily criticize noni juice is because it is severely lacking in core nutrients. If you wanted to get the bare minimum of grams of protein you need a day, you would have to drink 22 bottles of noni juice. This would average to be about $850 a day. If you wanted to consume the minimum amount of calcium a day you would have to drink 50 bottles of pure noni juice. That will cost you almost $2,000-2400 a day. Those are the two most outstanding nutrient deficiencies that people claimed.

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