Salad Recipes

  How to Prepare Different Salad Recipes Quickly and Easily?

It’s time to learn a variety of salad recipes to appetizing, without having to eat unhealthy products. With many tasty ingredients, protein, and fewer calories, recipes gold here will not share the table if you are on a diet or just want to eat healthy, why do not obey the usual salads and who can not and get excited on your stomach.

Spicy salad with carrot

Learn new recipes, which will leave you senseless. A new spicy carrot salad with a bowl in the microwave with a quarter liter of water and cut carrots with finely chopped garlic. Wait until they are slightly softened. Gushed water, take over the lemon juice, olive oil, salt, dried red pepper, and parsley.

Asian salad with apples

Asian salad with apple vinegar Mix rice with green lemon, and add salt, sugar, and fish sauce. After that add cut Julien apples, green onions, and mint. Salad with tomatoes and nectarines Cut tomatoes into pieces and nectarines. Also expect a tiny red onion. Sprinkle with cider vinegar and olive oil. Add sugar, salt and pepper.

Salad with tomatoes and nectarines

Cut tomatoes into pieces and nectarines. Also, add a tiny red onion into. Sprinkle with cider vinegar and olive oil. Add sugar, salt and pepper. You can add some dry tomatoes if you like they will make the salad a bit tastier than you might think.

Salad with green beansSalad Recipes

Combine beans legumes salad with chopped red onion. Take over mustard spicy, red wine vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Pasta salad with pumpkin

Frying with olive oil, green and yellow zucchini and green onions. Let the fire until softened. Mix with very small pasta, parsley, goat cheese, salt, and pepper.

Cabbage salad with champagne

Mix together a solution champagne vinegar with three parts olive oil. Add salt and pepper common. Mix together Boston cabbage.

Fruit salad and sprouts

Peach slices with cubes watermelon and cabbage. Sprinkle top with olive oil and lemon juice, add salt and pepper.

Caesar salad

Make a mashed puree with chopped garlic, sardines, lemon juice, Uster sauce, salt, pepper and a red egg. While the machine stirs together slowly add a quarter cup of olive oil. Do not forget to insert the plate with green salad (Romaine), as well as parmesan cheese. At the end take the toasted bread cut into cubes.

Salad with tuna fish

Mix beans, capers, pickled mushrooms, celery, and olives. Mix it with mustard, lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Above you can add cherry tomatoes and tuna fish with oil.

Salad with tomato and mint

Some tomatoes, which have cut the size as small as large, sprinkle with salt, pepper and add the chopped red onion. Put aside for 5 minutes. Take over mint, olive oil, and red wine vinegar.

Stir a tablespoon of lemon juice with honey, add the minced ginger and a quarter cup of olive oil. Then add the roasted chicken, mango mixture, and chopped green leaf vegetables.

How to prepare healthy salad recipes?

Not all salads are healthy because it depends on what we throw inside. If you add the wrong ingredients, will consume a portion packed with calories and fat. Here’s what you need to be careful when you use to eat a healthy salad and not to get too many calories.

  • First, start by choosing a basic salad key component that provides folic acid and lutein. To waive iceberg salad with spinach, lettuce mix of French or a group jeshillëqesh spring. For less than 20 calories can have a non-charged.
  • Benefit from fresh vegetables and pour over your salad. 25 calories or less, will not adversely affect you. Choose a variety of colors to get the most nutritional value, such as select red peppers, broccoli, carrots, cucumber, peas and red onions. Be sure to be raw or very little.
  • In any salad remember proteins. You can add a salad egg whites, chicken breast or crows, tuna fish, salmon or steak. Stay away from processed meat such as ham or pork sausage. Avoid fried and heavy sauce.
  • Choose an extra product. To add even more to your taste combine lettuce salad, vegetables, and healthy proteins. Referring store excess calories can use a small amount of parmesan cheese, goat cheese or Swiss him. Add dried fruits, avocado and olives.

Some people eat prefer to eat different salad recipes that have a lot olive oil in it. In fact, the cast sauce that makes it the salad fresh and nutritious in unhealthy. Order salad sauce separately and take very little. If you are at home, prepare your sauce with olive oil, vinegar, mustard, lemon juice and curry.

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