What Can You Make From A Coconut

What Can You Make From A Coconut?

1. Palm Juice/Wine

The coconut palm juice or wine comes from the injured trunk of the palm/coconut tree. It tastes sweet to the young and is highly addictive once drunk. This drink is not good for young people since this can easily intoxicate young people with just 2-3 8 oz. glass. The juice is acidic and can be further processed or fermented into palm vinegar. High quantities of this wine can be found in the tropical regions of the world, where people live sustainably along with coconut trees.

2. Palm Vinegar

Palm vinegar is derived from the coconut wine, which is harvested from a coconut tree by slicing the surface of the tree, deep enough for it to bleed its sap. The sap will be harvested in gallons per tree per day. The fermentation of the wine is what gives the palm vinegar or as the coconut vinegar its sour taste. The vinegar is not poisonous and is used in cooking and as a condiment for the common household of the tropics.
It takes a few months for the wine to fully ferment and become purely sour without the hint of its previous sweetness. The fully fermented wine will taste sour with a strong smell when it was first harvested.

3. Coconut tree construction wood

The coconut trunk is highly famous for its flexibility, strength, and resistance to the elements over time. The construction wood is generally made or cut within lumber mills into vertical slices where the wood is quite essential for scaffolding and building structuring. This is a very cost effective alternative in construction since coconut grows almost wildly everywhere in the tropics. The structure of the wood mostly consists of long strands of thin wood which can pierce even the toughest leather.

The coconut wood is so versatile that the trunk can be bent indefinitely without snapping and without much risk. The truck can also withstand a lot of pressure without snapping, it can even be used to lift a truck.

4. Coconut Juice

The coconut juice has a wide variety of uses from cooking to baking. The juice can be used to make coconut juice drink, which is highly satisfying to the thirst. A glass of 12 oz. is enough to quench the thirst of a running man, more than enough water could offer. The juice can be mixed with a variety of mixes like mixing it with orange juice topped with tasty cracker flakes and sugar, which is called “law” (a nutritious coconut drink to quench the thirst and at the same time satisfies the hunger of the hungry. A 12 oz. glass full of the nutritious drink is enough to satisfy as a snack.

5. Coconut Milk

The coconut milk can be harvested from the flesh of the coconut. The milk is used in cooking as a more cost effective substitute for milk. Coconut milk can also be drunk the same way as milk. Coconut milk contains a lot of minerals essential for the growth of the body.

6. Coconut Pastries

Some pastries are from coconut ingredients like the coconut pie, which is consisted of coconut flesh and its juices. Another will be the sweet dried coconut flesh shavings, which is commonly used as toppings for the normal doughnut.

7. Coconut personal care products

Coconut also has a wide variety of care products. Coconut oil and vitamins can be extracted and put into shampoos to revitalize the hair. Coconut is even more effective than conditioners since the revitalizing elements of the coconut work directly with the hair, thus improving the hair balance. Recently, a care product was discovered through research that coconut has an oil called virgin coconut oil, which is used in shampoos, care products, and even baby care.

8. Coconut husk floor shiner

The normal coconut fruit contains a shell inside its thick layer of protection. If the coconut is split in half and then dried for 2 days under the heat of the sun, a coconut husk scrub can be made. This can be used to polish the floor from sticking dirt.

9. Coconut Coal

Coconut coal can be found within the coconut, the hard shell inside. The coal was originally part of the coconut as the hard shell that protects the flesh inside. The shell can be processed by smoking until it becomes black, dry and brittle. The coal can be used to cook food.

10. Coconut broom

The coconut broom is one of the parts of the coconut tree the leaves. At the center of the leaves is a hard wood like a thin strand of flexible wood. These woods are then collected to be gathered into one broom for sweeping leaves and everything on the soil. It is only effective if used outdoors.

11. Coconut hairs

The coconut hairs can be spun to make a very durable rope. This rope can then be used in a variety of ways.

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